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Part Number:.22 Brush Buddy Ad

.20 Brush Buddy Adapter Set

.20" Brush Buddy

.20" for 22 caliber and up. This Brush Buddy will fit any .20" cleaning rod with 8-32 threads and comes with 4 adapters to fit any caliber cleaning tools with 8-32 threads. 


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The Brush Buddy Quick Release System was invented to target the time consuming task of changing your cleaning tools like your brushes, jags, patch holders and mops. The Brush Buddy eliminates the need to screw and unscrew your cleaning tools when you change them.


  • Save time by not screwing and unscrewing your cleaning tools
  • Save money on cleaning rods so
  • No more poking your fingers while trying to screw a brush on or off
  • No more having nasty, dirty hands from cleaning your gun
  • No more getting toxic cleaning agents all over your hands
  • Pliers are no longer needed to remove a cleaning tool from your rod
The old fashion way of changing from one cleaning tool to another by screwing and unscrewing would take from 5 to 10 seconds. With The Brush Buddy™ removing and attaching a cleaning tool will only take a split second. That's right, less then 1 second!

No more frustration trying to screw in a cleaning tool and getting the threads to line up. No more stripping threads and rendering a good cleaning tool useless. Now you can remove a cleaning tool with ease and attach it even easier.

Save Money
You no longer need several rods to accomodate different cleaning tools for different calibers. Now with a Brush Buddy you can use several cleaning tools of different calibers with one cleaning rod. No need to purchase a lot of rods.

The Brush Buddy is Cleaner and Safer
With The Brush Buddy you can attach and remove cleaning tools simply by holding on to the adapter. You no longer have to grip the tool covering your hands with toxic chemicals or poke your fingers with sharp pointed tools. This will keep your hands from getting nasty from carbon, lead and copper while cleaning your gun. 

Simple to Use:
1) Attach your cleaning tools such as mops, brushes, slotted patch holding tips and jags onto the Adapters.
2) Attach The Brush Buddy™ onto the end of the cleaning rod.
3) To connect the Adapter to The Brush Buddy, take the Adapter with the desired cleaning tool and simply slide it into The Brush Buddy (3A). Slide it in past the locking mechanism (3B) until it clicks locking the Adapter into place. (3C) Now it is ready to use. The Adapter will not come out until you unlock it but will swivel freely.
4) To detach the Adapters for removing the rod from the barrel or to change to another cleaning tool or to another caliber, simple press down on the Quick Release lever and remove the Adapter.
5) Repeat the steps 3 and 4 each time you need to change a cleaning tool.

What once took 5-10 seconds to exchange a tool during cleaning now takes less than one second with The Brush Buddy™. Minutes have been replaced with seconds and frustration is replaced with ease. So weather you are changing from a brush to a patch or from one caliber to another, do it with a The Brush Buddy.

4 Stars
Easy to use, interchangeable jigs
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Reviewed by:  from Pretoria. on 5/22/2013

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