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ALG Ergonomic Modular Rail (EMR) V2 M-LOK Black

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Part Number:ALG Ergonomic Modular Rail (EMR) V2 M-LOK BLK
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The Ergonomic Modular Rail V2 with Magpul M-LOK support, allows the user to mount an array of third party accessories and customize their weapon platform to suit their needs. M-LOK accessories can be attached along the length of the rail at 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 o’clock positions. The EMR V2 M-LOK also features two integrated anti-rotational QD slots at the base of the rail at the 2 and 10 o’clock positions. The primary difference between the EMR V2 and V1 is that the V2 has a machined M1913 picatinny rail section at the muzzle end of the rail at the 12’ o’clock position. The machined M1913 section is ideal for attaching front sights, lasers, IR illuminators, lights and any other optic or sling related M1913 compatible accessory. 1. ERGONOMIC Instead of four sharp and jagged M1913 rails spaced at 90 degree intervals, like a traditional quadrail, the ALG EMR is fully ergonomic, maintaining a comfortable rounded shape throughout the length of the rail. The rounded top allows the shooter to easily wrap his or her thumb over the top of the EMR as many shooters like to do with a forward grip. 2. SET-UP IS MODULAR AND FLEXIBLE Accessory rails can be attached anywhere along the length at 60° intervals. The V2 provides a machined picatinny rail section at the fore end of the rail at the 12 o’clock position. 3. FREE FLOATING The weapon barrel is completely free floating when an ALG EMR is mounted. No force is put into the barrel from slings or bipods that could affect point of aim. 4. STRONG The ALG EMR is machined from a 6061-T6 extrusion, made from aircraft grade aluminum. 5. RIGID Current infantry doctrine makes extensive use of accessories that require attachment to a weapon rail. Flashlights, visible and infrared lasers, night vision and thermal sights, all require a rigid weapon rail so that zero is not changed when a bipod or sling is used to support the weapon from the rail. The ALG EMR is a rigid interface for weapon accessories due to its precisely machined proprietary barrel nut and secure rail interface and clamping arrangement. 6. LIGHTWEIGHT Use of extruded 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum in an ALG EMR give the entire assembly a good strength and performance to weight ratio. 7. ACCESSORY RAILS EASY TO INSTALL Utilizing the Magpul M-LOK Locking System, the EMR V1 allows not only the direct attchement of accessory rails, but any M-LOK compatible accessory. 8. ACCESSORY RAILS ARE SECURELY ATTACHED Magpul's M-LOK Locking System is a rock solid platform for attaching a variety of 3rd party M-LOK accessories. The locking system utilizes a standard that allows accessories to attach directly to rail systems using a t-nut and camming method which has proved to be very strong, effective and easy to use. 9. RAIL ASSEMBLY IS EASY TO INSTALL Each ALG EMR comes with a precision machined, 2” long barrel nut that is machined from aircraft grade 7075-T6 aluminum and hardcoat anodized for a durable surface. Also included is the proprietary ALG EMR barrel nut wrench which is used to tighten the barrel nut to the upper receiver. The ALG EMR barrel nut is required to be indexed to the gas tube, and includes all of the necessary shim kits and instructions to do so. Then the rail is slid onto the barrel nut with a fit that precisely aligns the rail to the barrel. After indexing the rail to the receiver, six mounting bolts are tightened and the rail is secure. 10. RAIL IS EASY TO REMOVE Just by removing six screws the ALG EMR can be slid off the barrel nut for cleaning or gas system maintenance. As quick as it is removed the ALG EMR is can be re-installed with the precise barrel nut to rail fit maintaining sight and accessory zero.

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