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Looper Tactical Kydex Belt Brown 32

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Part Number:Looper Kydex Belt Brown 32
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Looper's reinforced holster belt. The Looper holster belt is made of full grain leather outer, full grain leather liner and has a kydex inner liner that allows the belt to be flexible enough to be comfortable, but rigid enough to support the weight of a holster and any other accessories that are needed by the law enforcement professional or anyone that concealed carries concealed.

Comes standard in 1 1/2" width.

All Looper holster belts are secured at the buckle end with chicago screws.  

SIZING INSTRUCTIONS -- Belts are sized in actual inches around your waist and then we add 2 inches to accommodate a holster. So, if you measure around your waist (with out a holster or another belt on) with a tape measure, and you get 36 inches, then you would order a size 36 belt to accommodate a IWB or OWB holster. 

If you will not be wearing a holster then order one size down. 


Normal pants size: with no allowance for IWB carry = +1” to +2” size will set the buckle in the middle hole (5 holes) 

Upsize pants size: for IWB carry – go pants size +2” – will sit the buckle in the first hole without IWB and about the 2nd hole IWB.  Example, I am a 34/35” pants size but wear 36” to allow for IWB carry. The 36” belt sits the buckle in the middle hole and IWB sits the buckle in the 2nd last hole. The 38” belt sits the buckle in the first hole non IWB and in the 2nd hole with IWB.

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