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The Proctor Y Notch ™ Pistol Sights were designed to give shooters maximum speed and acuracy with less room for sight alignment error.  Most pistol sights are set up with either wide rear sights and narrow front sights for fast but not so accurate shooting or narrow rear sights and and a wider front for more precise shooting.  I designed these sights to offer both Speed and Accuracy.  The top of the Y is .170 wide and the bottom of the Y is .100.  The front sight is .117 wide with a .040 fiber optic insert. The front sight is .180 tall (I went with a shorter front for less room for sight alignment error and to keep the sights lower to the slide) and the sight set is designed for point of aim = point of impact. For most of your pistol shooting you will only need to see the red dot inside the top portion of the notch, if you need more precise sight alignment it is easy to see by looking at the relationship of the lower portion of the front sight with the lower portion of the rear notch. (the Y actually funnels your vision very easily) These sights are NOT designed to put the dot in the lower portion of the rear notch.  They are designed to be POA=POI with the dot resting in the Y where the notch tapers down- basically classic sight alignment. Our Y Notch™ sights for small frame Glock Pistols are now finished in Black Nitride.  This is a harder and more corrosion resistant finish.  I have also found that I really like how much more definition the sights have in the new finish.  


SMALL FRAME GLOCK SET - This set is designed to work on Glock, 17/19/22/23/26/27/34/35/43  (these will not work POA=POI with the Glock 24 and 17L we will have a set available for those soon) - I personally shoot them on Glock 19,17,34,35, and 43 with POA=POI from 10 yards to 100 yards.


INSTALLATION: Sight installation is an easy process with the correct tools and some mechanical knowledge.  If you are not comfortable installing sights we recommend having a gunsmith do it.  Installing the rear sight can be done with either a sight press (recommended) or with a small hammer and aluminum or brass punch.  If using a hammer and punch we recommend placing the slide in a strudy vise with padded jaws.  Use the hammer and punch to remove the existing sight and then drift in the new sight.  Apply pressure only on the dovetail area of the sight. The WOTG rear sight is designed to fit snug in the dovetail so that it doesn't move when shooting.  In our experince it is not necessary to file the rear sight for installation, you may do so if you wish to make it easier to install.  If you do so it will be at your own risk and should only be done very lightly.  Once the sight is centered tighten the set screws, blue loctite is recommened on these.  When installing the front sight on Glock pistols we recommend using red loctite on the front sight screw. 

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