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VARTA Max Tech Alkaline AAA LR03 4 Pack

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Varta Max Tech 4x AAA Size Alkaline Batteries,1120 mAh,1.5V, IEC LR03

This 4-Pack of AAA Max Tech Alkaline Battery from Varta is designed for high-drain applications but can be used to power any device that accepts AAA batteries. For convenience, they are packaged in a perforated, single-battery press-out pack, which also provides examples of recommended uses. Varta batteries are made in Germany. 

Varta Max Tech provides a flexible energy release, tuned to the changing requirements of high-tech devices such as digital cameras, MP3/MP4-players, electronic Dictaphones, pocket computers, etc. Works up to 50% longer as compared to the conventional alkaline-manganese batteries in high-current consumers. More precise energy for your digital devices 

  • Digital cameras
  • MP3 Player
  • Photoflash
  • Air Con Remotes
  • LCD/ LED TV Remotes
  • Wireless Optical Mice 

  • Flexible energy for high-tech devices, e.g. MP3 players, digital cameras, photoflash etc.
  • Clear communication of recommended use by way of pictograms
  • Made in Germany as the proof of origin on the blister front of the most important product types
  • Single Press Out enables easy opening of the pack and good storage for unused batteries 

Alternative battery types LR03, AAA, LR3, AM4M8A, AM4, S, MN2400, 824, E92, LR03N, 24A, K3A, R3, R03, 7526, UM4, Micro, V2500PX 

  • Stock Code-4008496104734 
  • Description- Varta Max Tech Alkaline AAA Battery x4 pc(s) 
  • Varta Type-04703 
  • Reference IEC- LR03 
  • Battery Size-AAA 
  • Height- 44.5 mm 
  • Weight-11.3g 
  • Electrochemical System-Primary Alkaline Manganese (ZN/MNO2) 
  • Voltage-1.5 V

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